Starter App Templates

Framework7 React App Template

This is the template recommended for most apps. It was generated with Create React App (which is the recommended starting point for most React apps), and then customized for Framework7 React.

This template allows apps to be written with ES6 + JSX, and in general, it "just works." Here is how to get started:

$ git clone my-app
$ npm install

To run and launch your a development version of your app in your default web browser, run:

$ npm start

As you change code, the browser will automatically refresh and show the latest version of your app.

Once your app is ready for deployment, simply run:

$ npm run build      

The build folder will then contain all of your app's files, optimized and ready for deployment.

If you would prefer to have more control over your build pipeline and configure Webpack directly, you can "eject" Create React App:

$ npm run eject      

For a more thorough understanding of Create React App and all of its capabilities, checkout the docs.

Framework7 React Static Template

This template is useful for cases where the complexity of a build pipeline is not desired or is not supported (e.g., JSFiddle or CodePen). This template is ideal for quick examples, or perhaps small, toy apps.

$ git clone my-app            

From there, simply launch the index.html file in a browser from either the file system or a web server of your choice

This template uses ES5 with no JSX. If you would prefer ES6 + JSX, you can also run Babel in the browser. Check out this example for more insight.